How Much Is A Planned Parenthood Appointment Without Insurance?

What should I bring to Planned Parenthood?

What to bring:Bring your photo ID, insurance card, copay, and policyholder information.If you get your insurance through someone else (like a parent), bring their full name and date of birth.If you have an additional card you need to bring with you to the pharmacy to get medications (PBM card), bring it to the visit..

Does Planned Parenthood do walk in STD tests?

At all of our 17 health centers across the state, you can walk in during normal business hours to receive free testing for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV.

How does Planned Parenthood work without insurance?

What if I can’t pay or do not have health insurance? Planned Parenthood participates in a federal funding program called Title X (10); a program that allows us to supplement birth control, GYN care and other reproductive health services for people who cannot pay full price for health care services.

Does Planned Parenthood do walk in appointments?

WE VALUE YOUR TIME. All of our services require an appointment. Walk-ins can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. In order to ensure you are seen in a timely manner, an appointment can be made over the phone or online.

Is there a copay at Planned Parenthood?

Copays usually range from $10 to $35, but it depends on the insurance company and your type of plan. … Copays have to be collected at the beginning of your appointment, unless you have signed up to have the Family Planning Benefit Program pay the cost for you. Most Medicaid plans require no copay.

What services does Planned Parenthood provide for free?

Patients can use Medicaid for preventative services (like birth control, cancer screenings, and STD testing and treatment) at no cost when they visit Planned Parenthood health centers.

Does Planned Parenthood give free Plan B?

You may be able to get the morning-after pill for free or low cost from a Planned Parenthood health center or your local health department. Call your nearest Planned Parenthood to see if they can hook you up with emergency contraception that fits your budget.

Are Planned Parenthood STD tests free?

Some Planned Parenthood health centers can provide STD testing for free, and can help you get health care that you can afford. And many Planned Parenthood health centers provide services on a sliding scale. This means that you may get free or low-cost STD testing, depending on your income.

Do appointments at Planned Parenthood cost money?

Planned Parenthood offers services at low or no cost. Fees are determined on a sliding scale based on your income and family size. All services are provided at the lowest cost possible. You can call us anytime to discuss payment options.

Is Planned Parenthood expensive without insurance?

Can I come to Planned Parenthood if I don’t have insurance? Yes. Planned Parenthood is here to provide expert care, no matter what. If you don’t have insurance, you may qualify for low- to no-cost services.

How much do you pay at Planned Parenthood?

Average Planned Parenthood hourly pay ranges from approximately $13.75 per hour for Care Specialist to $44.56 per hour for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. The average Planned Parenthood salary ranges from approximately $26,000 per year for Care Specialist to $101,107 per year for Nurse Practitioner.

Do you have to pay upfront at Planned Parenthood?

Partial payment is required at your initial visit. Monthly installments are automatically paid from your choice of checking or savings account, or debit or credit card. … *Interest charges only apply if you have other charges on your credit or debit card from other sources than Planned Parenthood.