Question: How Did The Dwarves Find The Balrog?

Where did the Balrog come from?

A Balrog (/ˈbælrɒɡ/) is a powerful fictional monster in J.



Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

It first appeared in print in his high fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings, where the Fellowship of the Ring encounter one known as Durin’s Bane in the Mines of Moria..

Is Balrog stronger than Sauron?

Yes, Sauron was more powerful than the Balrogs. … So, Morgoth (or Melkor) was superior to Sauron as Morgoth was one of the Valar. Balrogs are also corrupted Maiar, but they are not as high in the hierarchy as Sauron. Thus, Sauron was more powerful than any Balrog.

Why did Gandalf fear the Balrog?

Not only are Balrogs on the same scale as Gandalf, they were beings of terror and fire to begin with, while Gandalf, for all his power, wasn’t a warrior. … So when Gandalf heard that a Balrog still lurks in the depth of Moria, of course he would be afraid. A Balrog is a terror of the First Age.

Is Tom Bombadil more powerful than Gandalf?

i guess when that sinks in, he is much more powerful than most. Gandalf and Galadriel both knew that the Ring would gain far too much power through either of them. Not so Bombadil. His character originated as a bedtime story for Tolkien’s daughter, which is a sort of interesting aside.

Is Sauron stronger than Smaug?

Sauron was powerful, but he was no Morgoth. There’s no evidence in The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings that Smaug (or any other dragons in the Withered Heath) was receiving any directives from Sauron, or felt the presence of Sauron. For that matter, the Balrog in Moria wasn’t under the control of Sauron, either.

What killed the dwarves in Moria?

The Dwarves dug too deep, greedy for mithril, and disturbed a demon of great power: a Balrog, which destroyed their kingdom. By the end of the Third Age, Moria had long been abandoned by the Dwarves, and was a place of evil repute. It was dark, in dangerous disrepair, and in its labyrinths lurked Orcs and the Balrog.

Did the Balrog kill the dwarves?

For more than five millennia, the Balrog hibernated in his deep hiding place at the roots of the mountains in Khazad-dûm. … Despite their efforts to hold Khazad-dûm against it, King Náin and many of the Dwarves were killed and the survivors were forced to flee.

When did the dwarves awaken the Balrog?

1980In TA 1980, a Balrog awoke in Moria when the Dwarves had mined too deep for Mithril. It drove the Dwarves out of their home and slew King Durin VI, and the Balrog was thereafter called “Durin’s Bane”.

Did Legolas know what a Balrog was?

As an elf born in the third age it is highly unlikely he has seen a Balrog, although his father rules over the silvan elves, Thranduil and Legolas both belong to the sindar branch of elves.

Where did Gandalf kill Balrog?

Gandalf and the Balrog fall into a deep subterranean lake in Moria’s underworld. Gandalf pursues the Balrog through the tunnels for eight days until they climb to the peak of Zirakzigil. Here they fight for two days and nights. In the end, the Balrog is defeated and cast down onto the mountainside.

Did Gandalf know the Balrog was in Moria?

When Morgoth was overthrown his evil servants hid in these dark deep places and Gandalf was clearly aware that there were evil beings lurking deep within Moria. But he knew about the Balrog as Steven Gibb has answered above. Foresight of his own doom. Aragorn could feel it too.

Are balrogs stronger than dragons?

Balrog. Even in the earliest writings, when Balrogs were much, much weaker and more numerous than they are in the conceptions you probably identify with them (as in, what Gandalf fights), Balrogs are stated outright to be more powerful than dragons.